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You can experience iron wheat specialty "Jigoku Mushi" (o ^ ∇ ^ o)

You can experience iron wheat specialty "Jigoku Mushi".
Please try the memories of Beppu☆


  • Jigoku Mushi

    【Jigoku Mushi】What ...?
    Steaming steaming in a kettle that uses steam from hot springs that is also a specialty of Kannawa is Jigoku Mushi"Jigoku Mushi"!
    The temperature of steam is 100 ℃!
    Recommended for ladies by a healthy recipe to waste unnecessary oil★☆
    Bring your favorite ingredients and Jigoku Mushi Let's Jigoku Mushi!
  • Jigoku Mushi | Use of kettle

    【Hours of use of the kettle】7: 00-22: 00

    We have the following items.Please use it freely.
     [tool] Rice / dish / chopsticks / kitchen knife / basket
     [seasoning] Salt / Ponzu / Kabushaki
     ※Please feel free to bring anything else you like.
  • Breakfast

    Japanese food is available.

    Meals are taken at the venue.
    [Part I] From 7: 30, "Part II" from 8: 00, "Part III" from 8:30

    【menu】Small bowl / grilled fish / egg dish / boiled tofu / fragrance / soup / rice / fruit
    ※There are some changes depending on the day.
  • Dinner | Kaiseki meal

    Dinner is also available by booking for more than 10 people!
    Our chief chef examines the ingredients in the season of local produce local consumption.